It can be tough growing your small business. You can feel overwhelmed with the many demands and choices offered in a growing marketplace. If you need help with your customer service, incoming calls, media and investor relations, web site development, social media management, copy writing, cartooning, graphic design, ghost writing, advertising, flyer, magazine design, and you don’t know where to turn, you really need a business angel! BizAngel is your one-stop shop for business support services. I do “all of the above”, and if I can’t do it, I can find someone who can, at prices you will find affordable. Contact me with your needs and budget, and I’ll work out a monthly plan that will help build your business without breaking the bank!

What can BizAngel do for you? Just about anything a small business needs. BizAngel can work on a full-time, part time, temporary or project basis as an independent contractor. BizAngel works in a home-based remote office, and provides most equipment (some specialty tasks may require equipment and/or software licenses, negotiated as required).


Copy Writing: Nominee, Canadian National Magazine Awards. Experienced technical, review, marketing, lifestyle writer with a wide range of published work. Have an experienced, proven copy writer on call for any of your marketing, collateral, editorial, advertising, technical documentation, business plan and business documentation needs.

Web Development: Joomla and WordPress designer, using Artisteer. BizAngel can design quick and affordable web sites, provide hosting and domain registration, maintain and create your content. If you need a custom site designed to spec, we can also bring in contractors to fully design your site to your needs and budget. We tweak your site for search engine optimization, set up and maintain your social media pages, create text, video, pictures, illustrations and research content sources.

Collateral and Advertising Design: We are your own on-call designer for catalogs, advertisements, in-house documentation, web marketing, packaging and more.

Photography: Digital and traditional still and video photography for your web, advertising, catalogs, documentation and more. In-house, on-site, or in my studio.

Customer Support: Many small businesses need minimal customer support, but it is expensive to maintain a call center. While we can take some inbound calls, we primarily provide a “call back” service. Your customers call in, and we either return the call or email an answer within a business day. We can create and maintain a database of answers to common questions for your business. We route calls and emails to key personnel in your company as required. We screen your email for spam and irrelevant cold sales pitches, and make sure you get critical contacts.

Media/Investor Relations: Experienced media relations director at TUCOWS for almost a decade. Have press releases written and distributed, form and maintain relationships with targeted key media players locally and internationally. Prepare press kits, research competition, monitor media mentions.

Virtual Executive Assistant: Do you need someone to run errands? Research competitive or product information? Find out costs for local advertising? Need flowers ordered for staff birthdays? We take care of it all for you.

Data Entry and Management: We can maintain your client lists, enter data from trade shows, assist customers with application forms, file and maintain documentation.

Trade Show Research: Don’t have time to visit trade shows to gather contacts, information, competitive research? Contact us with your needs and we’ll do the legwork for you